About Workday

Workday is a project led by the Minnesota State System of Colleges and Universities to transition all of the system’s member colleges and universities to a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. The existing system, called ISRS, has been in place for over 20 years and has reached its technological end of life. ISRS — the Integrated Statewide Records System — is used for financial records, student accounts, enrollment and curriculum data, payroll and human resource management, faculty workload management (FWM), and more.

It is very likely that the change to Workday will affect some aspect of your work

Workday has been selected as a partial replacement for ISRS. The implementation of Workday will include add-ins for business processes that are not included in Workday. This is similar to the current implementation of ISRS which has add-ins such as eBuilder, EMS and FWM to allow for additional business processes and system functionality.

The Workday/ISRS Journey graphic explains the benefits to students, faculty and staff from Workday. It also breaks down the transition from ISRS to Workday and what is included in each phase of the two-phase transition.

Transition Management Team

A Transition Management Team has been put in place for BSU & NTC. These individuals will work on the implementation of the new systems and to keep the campus informed on the project progress and milestones. The team consists of:

  • TMT Liaison – Marie Bock
  • TMT Project Manager – Marie Bock
  • Technical TMT Member – Melissa Columbus
  • Communications TMT Member – Andy Bartlett
  • HR TMT Member – Megan Zothman
  • Finance TMT Member – Gina Walkup

Additional team members will be added as needed during different phases of the implementation.

Friends of NextGen

The System Office has created a Friends of NextGen SharePoint site with additional resources and information about the NextGen project and Workday implementation.